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Spring44 Voda ReviewAt, we venture into vodka and clear spirits to give our palettes a chance to explore the expression of clear and the clean grain vs. the expression of oak and depth. Spring44 is a perfect example of where the selection of water used in distilling spirits matters.

The Spring44 Vodka, Honey Vodka and Gin are produced with Colorado Rocky Mountain artesian water from a source at 9,044 ft. This has actually been empirically tested as some of the finest water on Earth.

It is no coincidence the name of spirits and the clean flavor both come from Spring44. While vodka and gin are typically made to be mixed, we believe that you’re truly enjoying the hand of the distiller if you drink initially these as sippers. From there, see if you really want to add what you typically would add.

The focus of the flavor in this collection is on the Spring44 water and cleanliness of these 5X distilled spirits. You’re not utilizing the brand characteristics if you over power these spirits.

The light characteristics are punctuated beautifully throughout both vodkas and the gin. Even the labeling on the bottles reflect images of tranquility and nature.

Spring44 Honey Vodka

Spring44 Honey VodkaProof: 80 Proof, 40% ABV

Color: Very light straw

Nose: Light coconut, cocoa butter, alcohol prevalency which tickles the nose. Golden rod flower. The coconut could be attributed to the virgin coconut husk carbon filtration system used

Taste: Honey suckle, light touches of honey. It is not cloying some honey spirits. Instead, a smooth ride in the mouthfeel. Very light, a bit floral with touch of vanilla. Spring44 Honey Vodka has an alluring quality which strikes a balance between sweet, spice and light. It could be easily be

Finish: Wet, crisp and refreshing finish with lingering cotton candy.

Spring44 tells us that they have been inspired by our friends at Haagen Dazs and they are “committed to helping the struggling honey bee. We intend to raise awareness of this serious problem and support immediate solutions.”

Spring44 Vodka

Spring44 Vodka Review

Proof: 80 Proof, 40% ABV

Nose: Very faint, yet fresh with lightness of rainwater.

Flavor: Light grain characteristic. Smooth and soft on the mouthfeel. Rounded creaminess

Finish: A whispiness of soft water with hints of spice from the rye.

Spring44 Gin

Spring44 GinProof: 80 Proof, 40% ABV

Nose: Juniper, sage, rosemary with citrus undertones.

Taste: Enters light, mid palate gives way to a spicey cilantro with a soft bit. Notes of cinnamon.

Finish: Elements of Bergamont, jasmine brief and gently fades quickly with soft mouthfeel.



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