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Michter's BourbonIs that trail of Bourbon continuing to make it’s way outside those current boundaries? First came the new Louisville Distilling Company, which is currently looking to actually to distill their Bourbon from Louisville. Now, Michter’s announces this week that the company will open a new small production distillery in downtown Louisville, Kentucky.

 Fort Nelson Building, Downtown Louisville, Kentucky

Fort Nelson Building, Downtown Louisville, Kentucky

Micther’s is a division of New York-based Chatham Imports,which traces its roots to Pennsylvania. Their whiskeys and Bourbons are currently distilled and bottled in Bardstown, Kentucky. The company plans to invest nearly $7.8 million, which will entail the renovation of the historically and architecturally significant Fort Nelson Building located across the street from the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory.

Michter’s plans to begin construction next spring, and open the distillery sometime in 2013. The Louisville Michter’s Distillery will be open to the public and will offer educational tours and tastings. The project will result in 10 new jobs in the Louisville community and a lot of great Bourbon for all.

Michter’s current production includes an Unblended American Whiskey, Single Barrel Rye , 10 Year-Old Single Barrel Rye , 25 Year-Old Single Barrel Rye,  Small Batch Bourbon, 10 Year-Old Single Barrel Bourbon and 25 Year-Old Single Barrel Bourbon.

The history surrounding Michter’s harkens back to America’s first distilling company, established in the 1700s by John Shenk. In 1753, Shenk built a small distillery to convert excess grain to whiskey. In time, this small distillery would come to produce what would eventually be known as Michter’s whiskey.

“We are thrilled to welcome Michter’s to downtown Louisville,” Gov. Beshear tells “Not only will this project create new jobs and preserve one of the most historically significant structures in Louisville, it will also add a new chapter to Kentucky’s proud Bourbon making heritage.”

“Kentucky is a great state and Louisville is a terrific city,” Michter’s Distillery President Joseph J. Magliocco tells “We have considered other locations for this distillery, but we’ve been extremely impressed by Gov. Beshear, Mayor Greg Fischer and both of their administrations, as well as the entire team at Greater Louisville Inc.”

Willie Pratt, Michter’s Master Distiller, a.k.a. "Dr. No"

Willie Pratt, Michter’s Master Distiller, a.k.a. "Dr. No"

The new Michter’s Louisville Distillery will be overseen by Willie Pratt, Michter’s Master Distiller. Willie has over 40 years of experience in the whiskey industry with in-depth knowledge. He is often referred to as “Dr. No” because he is known for refusing to release whiskey for bottling until he feels it is just right, even though the whiskey may already be significantly older than the age stated on the label.


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