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Zu Vodka ReviewTraveling back in time through flavor has never caused our time machine to graze blades of grass as we drink. But here we go… Zubrówka (pronounced “zu-broov-ka”), or bison grass vodka, was produced in the North East region of Poland as far back as the 14th Century, and was considered a specialty for the local residents of the majestic Białowieża Forest.

European Bison roam the forest, feeding off of this indigenous wild sweet grass, called Hierocholoe Odorata, found only in this area and in the ŻU Vodka.

The blade of bison grass in actually inside each bottle of ŻU to be decorative These blades are placed by hand to represent the heritage and craftsmanship surrounding it’s creation. These blades are also used to garnish several ŻU cocktails.

This vodka is excellent as a sipper or will also become a fan of mixologists to utilize the versatile mixability characteristics it exhibits.

Żubrówka Vodka Review (ŻU)

Proof: 80 Proof, 40% ABV

Distillery: Polmos Białystok, SA distillery

Color: Almost clear with very light chartreuse.

Nose: Nice alcohol prevalence. Clean grain and mild mint.

Taste: Spicey on the front end with a crisp and bright flavor. Creamy texture and flavor gives way to sweet, citrus and herbaceous tone. Not over the top with herbal and grassy notes, but enough to know its there to allow appreciation the grain of the vodka.

Finish: Finish is dry, grass lingers in a slightly bitter.

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