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George T Stagg Bourbon

George T. Stagg Bourbon Review

Bourbon: George T. Stagg Bourbon, 2011 Antique Collection Release

Distillery: Buffalo Trace Distillery, Frankfort, Kentucky

Age: 18 years and 5 months

Proof: 142.6 Proof, 71.3% ABV

Color: Medium amber

Notes: Aged in Warehouses H, I & K. Recipe consists of Kentucky Corn- Distillers Grade #1 and #2 (Large Grain); Minnesota Rye (Small Grain); and North Dakota Distillers Malted Barley (Finish Grain)

Nose: Alluring of butterscotch and cooperage

Taste: Enters with buttery notes and coats a world of Bourbon in your mouth. As of the strongest proof, cask strength Bourbons available in the world, it doesn’t feel like 142.6 proof.

The deep nuances seen is prior releases aren’t here as much as they have been. However, the smoothness allows you to dissect notes like chocolate, expresso, raisins and even some vanilla.

Finish: Medium to long linger with dry, rich warmth.

Bourbon review by‘s Tom Fischer


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