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William Larue Weller Bourbon Antique Collection

William Larue Weller Bourbon Review

Bourbon:William Larue Weller Bourbon, 2011 Antique Collection Release

Distillery: Buffalo Trace Distillery, Frankfort, Kentucky

Age: 12 years, 11 months

Proof: 133.5 Proof, 66.75% ABV, uncut and unfiltered

Notes: Not to be confused with W. L Weller 12-year-old Bourbon, which is a splendid Bourbon for the price point and carries some of the same characteristics. William Larue Weller Bourbon is Aged in Warehouses N, O & P on the 4th and 5th floors at Buffalo Trace. Grain recipe is Kentucky Corn Distillers Grade #1 & #2 (Large Grain0; North Dakota Wheat (Small Grain); abd North Dakota Malted Barley (Finish Brain)

Color: Medium to Deep amber

Nose: Thick barrel, heavy cooperage. Luscious blend of spices, nutmeg

Taste:Enters mouth much lighter than expected with blend of pipe tobacco, apple, oaky citrus, fragments of banana rounded by cocoa. Mid-palette becomes drier and the warehouse begins to surface.

At 133.4 proof, this one sings of heat closer to 105 proof with little burn.

Overall,‘s #1 top pick from the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection 2011 with a balance between delicate and bold.

Finish: Lingers fairly briefly with pleasant crispness and warmth

Buorbon review by‘s Tom Fischer


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