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The Glenrothes Distillery would love to see one of our readers with a trip to Scotland with The Glenrothes! Simply share a game-changing or halcyon moment in your life, for a chance to travel to Scotland and create the 2012 vintage by and enter the contest on this link by January 31, 2012.

The winners will be the entries that in the opinion of the judges best represent the definition of a Glenrothes vintage moment: a perfect combination of time, place, people and/or occasion when everything comes together to create a moment that will stay in the memory forever.

If you’re wondering what the perfect Vintage Moment looks like, watch the video above which shares an inside look at the distillery and highlights the and history of The Glenrothes. From the breathtaking hills of Speyside to the river Rothes and barrels upon barrels of vintage whisky.

The Contest Overview:

– 4 US winners will be chosen to create the 2012 vintage
– Share your Vintage Moment in 1500 words or less
– Trip takes place in May 2012
Enter here as the contest ends on Jan 31, 2012

Ardcanny ScotlandCompetition winners will stay in the Rothes House, only opened for VIP visits.

Our four guests will be offered exclusive access to The Glenrothes private distillery, where under the tutelage of The Glenrothes’ Master Blenders, and award winning whisky ambassador Ronnie Cox they will learn the secrets of every stage of the whisky making process including the following:

Testing the purity of the Ardcanny and Brauchhill natural springs, lying a few short miles upstream of the distillery; the milling of the malted barley in a traditional Porteus mill; extraction of the sugars in the mash tun; the addition of yeast to the fermentation process; and finally careful distillation of the clean, elegant and fruity new make spirit in the iconic copper pot stills.

The Glenrothes Warehouse agingFrom there, The Glenrothes tutored Vintage Makers will lay down their casks of new make spirit, that one day may will mature into their very own exceptional 2012 vintage.

A truly enviable prize, as few people have set foot inside the distillery, let alone been allowed to share the secrets of The Glenrothes and lay their whisky in its dunnage warehouse, capturing their Vintage Moment in the history of The Glenrothes.

No trip to Speyside would be complete without sampling some of the pursuits that the country locale has to offer. The Vintage Makers will take part it in a spot of fishing in the Spey, Land Rover cross country driving, some rafting, archery and have the opportunity to roam the beautiful hills around the distillery, perhaps taking in a picnic.

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