× BourbonBlog.com‘s Tom Fischer is in Denver, Colorado to taste the new Stranahan’s Well Built E.S.B. Beer in this video segment. Breckenridge Brewery makes this limited edition brew by aging an E.S.B. (“Extra Special Bitter”) in a used Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey barrel for 3 months. The release is only available in Colorado and may be… Read more »

National Pig Day Bourbon Recipes

To toast to National Pig Day on March 1, BourbonBlog.com suggests the recipes and treats which take on the theme of the “Pig” and/or include bacon. The first is the perfect Bourbon cocktail we created to compliment your BBQ meal, or drink as your BBQ meal. World’s First Beer, Bourbon and BBQ Cocktail from BourbonBlog.com… Read more »

Breckenridge Distillery to be featured on Bloomberg Television’s The Mentor

Breckenridge Distillery tells BourbonBlog.comt hey will be featured on Bloomberg Television’s The Mentor tonight at 9pm ET/PT (8 pm CT). Bryan Nolt, President and Owner of Breckenridge Distillery tells us, “I opened a craft whiskey distillery in Breckenridge, Colorado almost four years ago. The show pairs up and coming small businesses and there owners with a… Read more »

Wild Turkey 81 Rye

Wild Turkey tells BourbonBlog.com that it will release a new Wild Turkey 81 Rye in March 2012. This 81 proof rye whiskey  was created  by a mingling of 4 and 5-year old Rye whiskies naturally aged in warehouses without computer temperature controls available. This new Wild Turkey rye whiskey will be available in the US for around… Read more »

Stranahan’s Well Built E.S.B. Beer

BourbonBlog.com‘s Tom Fischer is in Denver, Colorado today as Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey Distillery and Breckenridge Brewery gave only a few members of the media the first opportunity to taste this new beer before releasing Stranahan’s Well Built E.S.B. to the public (available for purchase in Colorado only). Breckenridge Brewery of Colorado has been neighbor and… Read more »

Knob Creek Rye Review

BourbonBlog.com gives you a first taste of the new Knob Creek Rye whiskey. Jim Beam tells us Knob Creek Rye be available in select markets starting in March 2012 and released nationally in July 2012 at a suggested retail price of $35.99 for a 750ml bottle. Here is our review of this new rye, bottled under… Read more »

Moonshiners Season 2? Tim Smith interview in New York

× BourbonBlog.com‘s Tom Fischer catches up with moonshiner Tim Smith and J.T. in New York for an update to learn about season 2 of Moonshiners, and what else is new with them since the end of Moonshiners season 1 on Discovery Channel? For the latest  on Moonshiners Season 2, subscribe to our mailing list here and we will… Read more »

What whiskey or bourbon do you love the most?

We know for Valentine’s Day what matters most is the love between people. Okay, we get that. But we’re BourbonBlog.com, so we want to know what whisk(e)y or Bourbon do you love the most? Answer below under comments and leave a reply here. Invite you to answer as you like and share your favorites with… Read more »

Pink to Ruby

BourbonBlog.com continues our Valentine’s Day cocktails, with colors and flavors celebrating spirits from Champagne to ports. Saint Valentine by David Wondrich First showcased in David Wondrich’s column for Esquire, this cocktail is great for anytime of the year. Shake well with ice: 1 ½ oz good, flavorful white rum such as banks 5 Island ½… Read more »

A Spicy Romance at First Glance

A few Valentine’s Day vodka cocktails from the love at first sight – “first glance” to the spicy romance that sparks, more Valentine’s cocktails from BourbonBlog.com A Spicy Romance 1 1/2 parts EFFEN Black Cherry Vodka 3/4 parts DeKuyper O3 Orange Liqueur 3/4 parts Fresh Pomegranate juice 1/2 parts Lime juice 1/2 parts Simple Syrup… Read more »