Posted by‘s Tom Fischer reviews the new Woodford Reserve Double Oaked, which we were first to tell you about. In this video segment above, Tom speaks with Woodford Reserve Master Distiller Chris Morris by phone as he tastes the new Bourbon for the first time.

Wooddford Reserve Double Oaked Bourbon will be released in March 2012, as the first permanent line extension ever in Woodford’s history. Of course, there are the annual Master’s Collections of Woodford, which Chris tells us was in part responsible for inspiring this new Double Oaked. The Double Oaked is similar in character to the 2010 Woodford Reserve Maple Wood Finish Bourbon from the Master’s Collections.

This video will prove that Tom isn’t just “brown nosing” or shall we say, “char nosing,” he really enjoys the new Woodford Reserve Double Oaked. Chris tells us that this would be best enjoyed neat and he can see it making one of the most elegant, rich Manhattans ever.

Woodford Reserve Double Oaked Bourbon ReviewWoodford Reserve Double Oaked Bourbon Review

Whiskey: Woodford Reserve Double Oaked Bourbon

Distillery: Woodford Reserve, Brown-Forman, Versailles, Kentucky

Age: Fully matured Woodford Reserve at around over 7 years, then an additional year in the second barrel created for this aging

Proof: 90.4 Proof, 45.2% ABV

Color: Deep amber

Nose: Brown sugar against oak spice cinnamon,and vanilla.

Taste: The DNA of the original Woodford Reserve is there with more pronounced flavors, but not too heavy and overdone.

Similar to the Maple Oak Finish with notes of maple and honey. Light cocoa, dark caramel, a candied and refined oak. If you’re a Woodford fan, you’re nearly guaranteed to like the Double Oaked.

Finish:  Somewhat creamy with hints of apple.


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