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Absinthe FountainWe enjoy our whiskey, but today, March 5, is National Absinthe Day, so shares a few recipes made with Lucide Absinthe as we’re visited by the Green Fairy.

Lucid Absinthe Supérieure was developed by renowned absinthe historian and distiller Ted Breaux which was the first genuine absinthe to be approved for distribution within the U.S since 1912.

Lucid, naturally green in color, is distilled entirely from spirits and whole European herbs and uses no artificial additives, oils or dyes.

Lucid begins with a full measure of Grande Wormwood (Artemesia absinthium), Green Anise, Sweet Fennel, and other culinary herbs representative of European traditions and historical absinthe crafting.


Lucid Absinthe Supérieure The Green Lantern

1 oz. Lucid Absinthe
1 ½ oz. Midori
Ginger Ale

Garnish: 2-3 muddled limes and long green lime spiral
In a rocks glass, muddle 3 lime wedges, add ice, Midori and LUCID and transfer to a shaker. Shake thoroughly and return into rocks glass.
Now add the ginger ale and the lime spiral.

Lucid Frappe


1 oz. Lucid Absinthe
½ oz. of Simple Syrup
6-8 Fresh Mint Leaves
1 oz. of Soda Water

Muddle mint leaves in the bottom of a frappe style glass.
Add absinthe, simple syrup and fill with crushed ice. Pour mixture into shaker and shake vigorously. Pour contents into glass, top with splash of soda water and garnish with mint sprig.

Absinthe CocktailVan Gogh’s Garden

1 ½ oz. Lucid Absinthe
½ oz. simple syrup
Club Soda
Kiwi Fruit

Garnish: muddled cucumber, KIWI fruit on the bottom, KIWI wheel on rim
Muddle two cucumber wheels & two peeled Kiwi wheels with the simple syrup in a double rocks glass. Fill with ice and add the LUCID. Top with Club Soda and add an un-peeled Kiwi wheel on the rim

Vincent Van Gogh Provence


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