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Four Roses Limited Edition Single Barrel 2012

The release of Four Roses Limited Edition Small Batch and Four Roses Limited Edition Single Barrel are two times of year we especially look forward to at

With these limited releases, Master Distiller Jim Rutledge never fails to bring new aspects each year showcasing the complexity of the 10 unique recipes. In this release, Rutledge selected a OESK recipe aged for 12 years. Bold barrel characteristics along with a  balancing of spice and sugar make this yet another winning Four Roses Limited Edition Single Barrel.

This barrel strength bourbon will be released in mid-April 2012 with only 4,000 bottles distributed.

2012 Limited Edition Single Barrel Bourbon Review
2012 Four Roses New Limited Edition 12-year-old Barrel Strength Bourbon


Bourbon: 2012 Limited Edition Single Barrel Bourbon

Distillery: Four Roses, Lawrenceburg, Kentucky

Proof:  109.4 Proof, 54.7% ABV (barrel strength)

Age:  12-year-old

Color: Medium to dark amber

Nose: Mild fruit, spice and vanilla.

Taste:  The complexity expressed through the sugar and barrel are lovely. Smoked honey, Scotch-like in a subtle, layered, and smooth way. Luscious cinnamon in mid-palette. Juicy and spicy with char and peach.

With Four Roses Bourbons, this one doesn’t have the heat of nearly 110 proof and feels slightly lower.

Finish: Refined, pure and bold bourbon barrel lingers.

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