Posted by‘s Tom Fischer in the video segment above (filmed and edited by Dan Brown) for the ninth annual Four Roses Julep Contest held at the Kentucky Derby Museum to celebrate Urban Bourbon Exhibit sponsored by Four Roses Bourbon

Bartender Kyle Tabler of Louisville’s Village Anchor restaurant claimed the 2012 “Rose Julep” title identifying the mixologist creating the city’s best and most unique mint julep. A panel of food and beverage elite judged the competition based on taste, presentation and originality.

Emily Hornback of Limestone came in second place and Gary Gruver of  Martini Italian Bistro placed in third. See all winning Rose Julep recipes below.


Honey Suckle Rose Recipe

1st place winning Four Roses Julep Recipe 2012 by  Champion Kyle Tabler of Village Anchor, Louisville

Mint Julep Ingredients:

2. oz Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbon
.5 oz St. German liqueur St. Germain Liqueur
Rose Water
Mint Leaves
Crushed Ice
1.5 oz Honey Suckle Syrup*
1.0 oz Lavender Syrup**


– Take a mint julep cup or glass and rinse with rose water. Coat and discard rosewater, with will bring
– Add shaved
– Add .5 St. germain Liqueur atop ice

In shaking tin:

– Add 2 oz. Four Roses Bourbon Single Barrel Four Roses
– Add 1.5 oz – honey
– Add 1.0 oz lavender

Into Mint Julep Cup:

– Strain and serve
– Garnish with mint leaves

According to Kyle, “The purpose of creating is that the mint will overwhelm the lavender. Keeping them separate until the end and you’ll get the essence of both.”


Lavender Syrup**, yields 1 Quart

"Rose Julep Champion" Kyle Tabler of Louisville's Village Anchor explains his Rose Julep Recipe to the judges

"Rose Julep Champion" Kyle Tabler of Louisville's Village Anchor explaining his Rose Julep Recipe to the judges


1. Make a simple syrup with 3 to 1 water, 1.5 cups sugar and 4 cups sugar
2. Find lavender booms at Whole Foods or other nature store and use 1/2 cup for a quart size syrup
3. He made with sugar, cup and half of sugar, then went to whole foods and bought lavender blooms


Honey Suckle Mint Bourbon Syrup*, yields 1 Quart


1. Use honey suckle nectar with. Squeezing 100 suckles becomes necessary for about a pint.
2. Add Kentucky grown honey, finish off with about a pint
3. Gather 100 honey suckles and squeeze nectar into jar.
4. Bring the two to a boil and add mints, 40-50 leaves or so. Allowt this it melts honey into a thinner mix to add to the Julep.
5. Let sit



Green Grass Mint Julep Recipe

third place Four Roses Julep Recipe 2012 by Gary Gruver, Martini Italian Bistro, Louisville

Caviar CocktailIngredients:
2 oz. Single Barrel Four Roses
1/4 oz. lemongrass syrup
1/2 oz. Mint syrup
1/2 oz. Canton Ginger liqueur
1 Bar spoon Of Green Tea Powder
Muddle Mint with fresh shaved lemongrass
Crushed ice, with small rock of dry ice on bottom
Garnish with Mint and lemongrass with a Four Roses Small Batch Classic Mint Julep Caviar*
Four Roses Small Batch Classic Mint Julep Caviar* 
– Mint syrup
– Four Roses Small Batch
– Sodium Alganate
Cook in sodium Chloride bath for 60 seconds and enjoy!


Green cocktail


Cinnamon Crème Brûlée Mint Julep

by Emily Hornback, Limestone, Louisville Kentucky – 2nd place winner of 9th Annual Four Roses Julep Contest, 2012 

1.5 oz. Four Roses Single Barrel
.5 oz. Vanilla bean and brown sugar syrup (homemade)*
4 fresh sweet mint leaves muddled

In a Mint Julep Cup:

– Pour over cinnamon shaved ice

– Garnish with freshly smacked sweet mint and a sprinkle of powdered sugar

Vanilla bean and brown sugar syrup (homemade)*

-A single vanilla bean, filleted open and scraped into a pan with the casings.
– Use half brown sugar and half water into the pan with the vanilla bean and heat until desired taste is met.


Competing restaurants / bars with mixolgists included:

• Asiatique- Jason Burns
• Avalon – Ryan Cohee
• Bourbons Bistro – Tina Hardison
• Lilly’s- Brad Jennings
• Limestone- Emily Hornback
• Martini’s Italian Bistro- Gary Gruver
• Meat – Jared Schubert
• O’Shea’s- Danielle Greeson
• Silver Dollar – Adam Brietenstein
• Varanese- Rory McCollister
• The Village Anchor- Kyle Tabler


Bartenders/Mixolgists from Louisville who competed in the Four Roses Julep Contest 2012

Special thanks:

Four Roses Bourbon, Karen Kushner, Dan Gardner, Patty Holland, Jim Rutledge, Kentucky Derby Museum, Wendy Treinen, Nick Clark, Todd Fischer, Dan Brown, and Ashley Cambron

Video Credits:

Filmed and edited by Dan Brown also special thanks to Todd Fischer and Ashley Cambron


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