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Hendricks GinHendrick’s Gin pays Kentucky and a visit during Kentucky Derby 138 at the Taste of Derby event. Tom Fischer speaks with Mr. Dave Welty, Commander of Special Operation for Hendrick’s Gin, as as the Hendrick’s Gin team lands at Louisville Executive Aviation from Scotland in their hot air balloon…

Or so it “curiously seems” with the favorite “Gin Made Oddly.”

Dave tells us that as we enjoy “Small batch bourbons,” we can appreciate  Hendrick’s being is a small batch gin. Small batch typically means 1,000 liters or fewer. Hendrick’s distills in miniscule batches of 450 liters at a time, which gives their master distiller even greater control of his careful artistry.  The smaller the batch, the more control can be exerted by  their talented and meticulous distiller Mr. Alan Rimmer.

Alan Rimmer is quite protective over his two beloved stills (the Bennet and Copper-Head).  In fact, Alan has made every single batch of Hendrick’s Gin that has ever been bottled. enjoyed seeing (and drinking) Hendrick’s Gin at Taste of Derby and at Kentucky Derby 138 as well. Come on back to Kentucky again soon!


Bennett Carter-Head Stills Hendric's Gin Allan Rimmer's Tom Fischer reports live from the Hendrick's Gin Hot Air Balloon's Tom Fischer reports live from the Hendrick's Gin Hot Air Balloon

Filmed and edited by Aaron Mikel and Produced by Mike Manning, hosted by Tom Fischer. 
Special thanks Hendrick’s Gin, Dave Welty, Will Wheeler, and Maloney & Fox


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