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Bourbon Whiskey wishes fathers a “Happy Father’s Day!” Bourbon is the “Father of All Whiskeys.”

What brand of whiskey or specific bourbon did YOU buy for your father for Father’s Day?”  Tell us below under comments.

We’ve received many requests asking, “What bourbon should I buy my dad for Father’s Day?”  Obvious answers could be Old Grand-Dad or Pappy Van Winkle for the themes.

The best answer is as unique as the dad  to whom you’re giving the gift of bourbon.

We declare bourbon the “Father of All Whiskeys.” If you agree, Tweet with #BourbonFather at us @BourbonBlog right now, whether it is on Father’s Day or well after (or before).

Yes, it sounds like “Godfather” and we’re happy to have you as part of “The Family” of bourbon.

(Marlon Brando drank some bourbon now and then, nearly sure of it!)


Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon


Old Grand Dad Bourbon

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