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Jefferson's Ocean Aged Bourbon is the first to review the rare Jefferson’s Ocean Aged Bourbon and we’re happy to report that it was an impressive experiment indeed!

We broke the story earlier in the month telling you about the limited edition Jefferson’s Ocean Aged Bourbon.

The new make was put right in the barrel and immediately went onto a 126-foot research vessel for four years to age. Only 600 bottles will be available at $90 per 750ml.

While the bottle design is still in the works, the photos here demonstrate the deep, rich colors of the bourbon both in the glass and in the sample bottle sent from Castle Brands Inc.

Jefferson’s Ocean-Aged Bourbon will be released  soon and prroceeds from Jefferson’s Ocean-Aged Bourbon will go to support OCEARCH.


Jefferson’s Ocean-Aged Bourbon Review


Jefferson's Ocean  BourbonBourbon: Jefferson’s Ocean Aged Bourbon

Distillery: Jefferson’s Bourbon, Castle Brands Inc.

Proof: 92 proof, 46% Alcohol by Volume (ABV)

Age: 4 years on 126-foot research vessel at sea

Color: Medium to medium dark amber

Nose: Strong extraction of barrel, warm chocolate notes, and pleasant slight burn from proof.

Taste:  Rich with barrel and buttery.  Serious heavy oak a reminscent of a bourbon at least twice as old, perhaps even nearly 12 years old.  The sea has worked some magic. Considering this has only been aged 4 years, it is surprisingly rich.

Slight hints of the “sea” characteristic often found in some Scotch, which not only mark the salt, but also the complete experience of the sea flavors.

Finish: Lingering, bold and a perfect place for a bourbon lover to dock the tastings for the night.


Beach at Sunset

The actual barrels of Jefferson's Bourbon on the boat where they aged

The actual barrels of Jefferson's Bourbon on the boat where they aged


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