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Why are YOU a Blanton’s Bourbon fan? So many good reasons, so tell us below on this link. Then..

check out this video‘s Tom Fischer speaks with John Shutt and Mixologist Gary Gruver.

Blanton’s Original Single Barrel Bourbon is perfect enjoyed neat and makes a killer cocktail.

Filmed at the Kentucky Bourbon Festival‘s Great Kentucky Bourbon Tasting and Gala event, where the Blanton’s Bourbon tasting bar / booth is shaped like the bottle itself.

Blanton’s has made several appearances on, including this video where we tasted all four expressions of Blanton’s Bourbon

You may have also seen Blanton’s Bourbon on the following TV shows:

True Blood
Bored to Death
Desperate Housewives
Big Bang Theory


Blanton's Bourbon Horses

Blanton's Bourbon Cocktail

(L to R) Mixologist Gary Gruver, John Shutt International Sales and Marketing Manager, AGE International Inc, and’s Tom FIscher with Blanton’s Bourbon

Hosted and produced by Tom Fischer
Filmed by Dan Brown and event photo by Dan Brown
Edited by Claire Ramsay

True Blood HBO


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