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Watch the video above as becomes the first to review the extremely rare, one-time bottling of W. H. Harrison Presidential Reserve Bourbon, aka “The Grouseland Cache.”

How rare is this 16-year-old Indiana Bourbon? Only 918 bottles were produced and each is hand-numbered.

W.H. Harrison Presidential Reserve Bourbon Aged 16 years

W.H. Harrison Presidential Reserve Bourbon Aged 16 years

The perfect balance of sweetness and barrel near the end makes this one of the best finishes we’ve ever tasted on whiskey at this age.

Presidential Reserve is worth the $150 price tag for a one-time bottling to own a piece of flavor history you may not have the chance to taste again.

The Presidential Reserve is the same mash bill recipe as the original W. H. Harrison Bourbon, but aged for 16 years.

In the video review below, BourbonBlog’s Tom Fischer  joins Tipton Spirits Founder Jerry Knight, creator of Harrison Bourbon, at the historic Gerthaus in Evansville, Indiana for a tasting in the “Hoosier homeland” where this Bourbon aged.

A portion of the proceeds from this unique bottling will be donated to The Grouseland Foundation, which operates Indiana’s first Governor’s Mansion built by  William Henry Harrison.

When Harrison built the mansion in 1804 in Vincennes, he was Indiana’s governor and he later became the 9th President of the United States.


W.H. Harrison Presidential Reserve Bourbon: “The Grouseland Cache” Review


Harrison Bourbons 16 Year OldBourbon: W. H. Harrison Presidential Reserve Bourbon, the “Grouseland Cache”

Color:  Medium to deep amber.

Age: 16 years old

Proof: 45% , 90 Proof

Nose: Butterscotch, pleasant barrel

Taste: Enters with deep barrel, deep vanilla and caramel.

Lacing of candied notes and char push the depth of flavor into the taste buds in a bold way.

Finish: Sugarcoated barrel. The sweetness is strong but not syrupy.

The natural raw sugar flavor in the finish makes it quite distinguishable.




W. H. Harrison Bourbon Collection

W. H. Harrison Bourbon Collection including the original, Governor’s Reserve, and Presidential Reserve

Gerst Haus in Evansville Indiana

Historic Gerst Haus in Evansville, Indiana



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