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Booze Brackets has just launched, a first of its kind tournament giving spirit enthusiasts and fans of Bourbon, beers and spirit  the chance to vote for their favorite brands in matchups.

The winner of each round means that the winning brand will move on to the round next with an ultimate winner at the end.

Very similar to popular basketball tournaments, these 64 brands range from craft distilleries to large distilleries.

They have been matched up in challenges and it is up to YOU to vote for who the winner of each round will be.

There could be some upsets and Cinderella stories. No matter who wins, each brand is

Return every day to see how your favorite brands are progressing as there will be an ultimate champion! vote in new matchups which will coincide with the basketball tournament, resulting in a final winner.

This is our fun surprise to sports and spirit fans alike as both brands and consumers all learned about it at the same time today ensuring that every brand had a chance to rally their team via Facebook and Twitter.

As a result of a few unique matchups in, we have enjoyed seeing brands compliment their matchup competition on Twitter, follow us on @BourbonBlog as we’ll be bringing you live updates.

Join us and show the world that spirits fans are good sports in this new sport of!

And by the way, we aren’t being biased, we are simply pleased to see brands like the couple below who got so excited about our gamethat they created these images for the purpose of rallying their fans!


Woodford Reserve Kentucky Bourbon Jim Beam sports

Early Times Whisky



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