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Watch video above as‘s Tom Fischer interviews Dan Gardner of Four Roses Bourbon who gives us an overview of the upcoming limited edition Secretariat bottling AND the  2013 Four Roses Limited Edition Single Barrel Bourbon (which are told will be a spring release of a barrel proof 13-year-old OBSK)

We catch up with Dan at the inaugural Bourbon Classic. Dan has recently also become one of our favorite Bourbon lovers to follow on Twitter , check him out on @BourbonDan .

Penny Chenery

Penny Chenery

Dan tells us that Penny Chenery, owner of Secretariat, will soon sample from several barrels to select a Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbon to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the iconic thoroughbred’s Triple Crown.

Four Roses Master Distiller Jim Rutledge will be on hand to oversee the selection.

The barrels chosen will be bottled in special commemorative packaging, including a very limited, hand-painted ceramic decanter featuring a full-bodied Secretariat with jockey Ron Turcotte aboard, as well as a collector’s bottle adorned with Secretariat’s likeness and the famed blue and white checks of the Meadow Stables jockey silks.

In addition to the annual spring release of a Four Roses Limited Edition Single Barrel., the distillery will also  release 500 Secretariat decanters and 3,500 Four Roses Secretariat bottles. (See photos of each below.) This will be a completely different bottling that the Limited Edition Single Barrel.

They will be available for purchase at the Kentucky Derby Museum beginning April 27.

Proceeds from the sale of the special bottlings will benefit preserving the history of the Kentucky Derby at the Kentucky Derby Museum and to the Secretariat Foundation benefiting equine-related causes within the racing industry.

Video filmed and edited by Tyler Gater. 



Four Roses Secretariat Limited Edition Decanter, unfinished

Four Roses Secretariat Limited Edition Decanter, unfinished, see finished bottles on this link 

 Four Roses Secretariat Single Bourbon Bottle

Four Roses Secretariat Single Bourbon Bottle



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