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Russell's Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon

Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon was recently the first bring you news of the release of the new Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel.

This cask strength, non-chill filtered Bourbon leverages the popularity of the the Russell’s Reserve label while delivering a new expression for the Bourbon enthusiasts.

This Bourbon demonstrates how well-balanced the sugar and barrel notes are in the whiskey aged at Wild Turkey Distillery and the range of flavors you can experience in their juice.

Does it taste anything like the original Russell’s Reserve 10 year Old Bourbon? Only slightly with some of those components present in the sweetness.

While warming on the mouthfeel, the smooth nature makes it feel lower than 110 proof as it drinks closer to 100 or so.

Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel (750ml) is available now priced at $49.99, definitely a bargain for a barrel proof.

As Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit Single Barrel has long been an treasure, and Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel shows, we hope to see even more single barrels from Wild Turkey.

Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon Review

Single Barrel Russell's Reserve BourbonBourbon:
 Rusell’s Reserve Single Barrel Small Batch

Distillery: Wild Turkey Distillery, Lawrenceburg

Color: Medium to dark amber

Age:  8-9 Years, varies by barrel

Proof:  110 proof 55% ABV

Nose: Pleasant burn with prevalence of alcohol and barrel.

Taste: Quite buttery blending the deep medium extraction of barrel with a chorus of brown sugars together in the mouth. A touch of light honey and milk chocolate toward end of the mid-palette.

Finish: Smooth, medium linger.






Bourbon review by Tom Fischer.



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