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Tim Smith's Climax Moonshine continues to bring you the most coverage of Tim Smith’s Climax Moonshine, which was just released to thirsty consumers in South Carolina and Georgia.

Tim Smith’s Climax Moonshine is currently available in three expressions Original Recipe, Grape Lighting and Peach Lighting (all explained below), and priced at or around $29.99 for 750 ml. bottle.’s Tom Fischer recently interview Tim Smith about his Climax Moonshine in a podcast, listen to it here, as we were the first to tell you about his legal brand before it came to the market.

Tim has been in both SC and GA for meeting with distributors and retailers talking about his real deal illegal gone legal Climax Moonshine the “Drink of Defiance.” Tim is also making appearances in other markets to promote Climax.

You’ll be seeing Climax Moonshine in other States soon.

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Tim follows the same process and recipe he learned from his Father. His original Climax Moonshine recipe is corn, rye and barley. It is incredibly smooth!

Original Reicpe

Climax MoonshineDistilled from corn mash. Clean and natural tasting with a subtle sweetness and bold defiance.
90 proof.

Grape Lightning

Grape Climax MoonshineTim’s original grape recipe. Distilled from fresh grapes.
Delicious and defiant. 79 proof.

Peach Lightning

Peach Lightning Climax MoonshineTim’s delicious peach flavored defiance, distilled from fresh peaches. 79 proof.











Climax Moonshine Drink of Defiance


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