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Red Stag Hardcore Cider


For any of you who enjoy using the term “Bourbon Porn” when you get excited about photos of your favorite Bourbons, well we can’t guarantee this will be one of them, but introducing Red Stag  Hardcore Cider from Jim beam.

Now read that again, yes we thought you got it the first time.

We’ll bring you a review soon and look for it being released in September.

Red Stag Hardcore Cider joins Red Stag Black Cherry, Red Stag Spiced and Red Stag Honey Tea as the newest expression.

Red Stag Hardcore Cider is an 80-proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey infused with natural apple cider and other natural flavors and is available nationwide for a retail price of $17.99.

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Beam tells us, “It’s a contemporary twist on bourbon, making it approachable for those who haven’t been open to whiskey in the past.”




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