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Breaking Bad Finale

Walter White Drinking Dimple Pinch presents our original collection of Breaking Bad Cocktails below for you to drink as you watch the series finale tonight or as you watch the complete Breaking Bad series.

During the past 5 years, some great booze has been featured on Breaking Bad like WhistlePig Rye,  Knob Creek Bourbon, Dimple Pinch Scotch and others.

We invite you to tell us what YOU like to drink when you’re watching Breaking Bad below under comments on this link.

All cocktails below created by Chef / Mixologist Stephen Dennison, enjoy responsibly. 

Tobacco Manhattan

Breaking bad poison cigarette2 oz. Knob Creek
½ oz. Carpano Antica (or other) Vermouth
8 spritzes Tobacco Tincture
Destemmed Marascino Cherry
2 spritzes tincture, to garnish

Place Knob Creek, Vermouth and Tincture in iced tin.

Stir for 15 seconds after frost has formed outside the tin. Strain into cocktail glass.

Place Cherry in tin and pour cocktail over it.

Garnish with two additional spritzes for bouquet.

Bitter End Bubbly

Aaron Pau and Bryan Cranston Breaking BadSugar cube

3 dashes Dandelion & Burdock Bitters

Sparkling Wine, to fill in Champagne Flute.

Express Lemon Zest and discard



Jesse’s Snack

Jesse Pinkman Prison
2 oz. Revel Stoke Spiced Whisky
½ oz El Jimador Anejo Tequilla
3 drops Lagavulin Islay Scotch

Stir well, strain into:

– Cocktail glass, partially rimmed with a 1/1 proportion of ground sumac to granulated sugar.

– Express orange zest.


A Buried Barrel

Fresh Mission Figs are a must as is dutiful application of technique. Choose those that are heavy for their size, semi firm, with no wrinkles or bruising.

Buried barrel of money Breaking Bad

In Shaking Tin:

Muddle 2 quartered figs and ½ tsp sugar, 5- 10 times, watching for over-bruising of the fig skin.


2 oz. Old Forester Signature
2 dashes Pechaud’s Bitters
2 Lemon Squeezes

– Cover, shake 8-10 times.
– Add ice. Shake for 20 seconds after frost forms.
– Pour over Collins glass filed with crushed ice. Stir with straw. Discard. Serve, with no garnish
– The proper mist should encourage the guest to place their nose over the glass.

Walter’s Bad Ass Alexander

Walter White Finale Episode

1.5 oz Dimple Pinch Scotch
2 oz Coffee Ice Cream
Ground Black Pepper, to garnish

Combine Scotch and ice cream in blender. Blend until incorporated. Pour into

Garnish with Black Pepper.

Dimple Pinch Scotch Bottle

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