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Breckenridge Colorado DistilleryWatch the video above as ‘s Tom Fischer is invited to the best kind of open house in Colorado because the bottles of Bourbon are open too!

We’re talking with Breckenridge Distillery Master Distiller Jordan Via.

This evergrowing craft distillery is currently adding to its barrel aging capacity at the distillery.

Spirits from Breckenridge Distillery continues to make their way into an increasing number of U.S. States…

Imagine Santa on skis gliding down your chimney delivering Colorado’s best hooch making everyday  (see full list below, updated as of this story).

As one of the fastest growing craft distillers in the United States, Breckenridge Distillery is the “highest distillery in the world,” making liquor at 9,600 feet with snowmelt from the Rocky Mountains.

We catch up with Jordan and have drink some barrel aged Manhattan from a used Breckenridge Bourbon barrel.

Also, we’re in Breckenridge  for Still on the Hill, Breckenridge Craft Spirits Festival 2013, featuring 20 + craft distillers from across Colorado and the country.

Video filmed and edited by Danny Beard, hosted by Tom Fischer



Breckenridge Distillery—Distributors by State

Breckenridge Bourbon BarrelsAlabama—Special order through the AL ABC

Arizona—Young’s Market Co.

Arkansas—Custom Beverage

California—Young’s Market Co.

Colorado—Republic National Distributing Co. (RNDC)

Connecticut—Martin Scott Wines

District of Columbia–  Craft Wine and Spirits

Florida—Republic National Distributing Co.  (RNDC)

Georgia–  United Beverage.

Illinois–  Heritage Wine Cellars

Indiana–  Republic National Distributing Co. (RNDC)

Iowa—Special order though the Iowa Alcohol Control Board (IABD)

Kansas–  Glazer’s of Kansas

Kentucky–  Republic National Distributing Co.  (RNDC)

Louisiana– Republic National Distributing Co.  (RNDC)

Maryland– Craft Wine and Spirits

Massachusetts—Horizon Beverage

Michigan—National Wine and Spirits

Minnesota—Wirtz Beverage-Minnesota


Missouri—Glazer’s of Missouri

Montana–  Special order through the Montana Liquor Control Division

Nebraska– Republic National Distributing Co.  (RNDC)

Nevada—Wirtz Beverage-Nevada

New Jersey–  Martin Scott Wines

New Mexico–  RNDC

New York–  Martin Scott Wines

North Carolina–  Southern Wine and Spirits

North Dakota–  Republic National Distributing Co.  (RNDC)

Breckenridge Distillery ToursOklahoma–  Republic National Distributing Co.  (RNDC)

Oregon–  Special order through the Oregon Liquor Control Commission

Pennsylvania–  Majestic Wine and Spirits

South Carolina–  Southern Wine and Spirits

South Dakota–  Republic National Distributing Co. (RNDC)

Texas– Republic National Distributing Co.  (RNDC)

Virginia–  Southern Wine and Spirits

Washington–  Young’s Market Co.

West Virginia– Southern Wine and Spirits


Wyoming—Special order through the Wyoming Liquor Division



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