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Stout celebrates the 5 best ways to drink a stout.

During our travels we’ve discovered some seriously delicious stout concoctions. We’ve also created a few below for you to enjoy.

Some bartenders in Ireland are known for pouring many types of liqueurs into a pints of stout with their house specialities at pubs.

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Rusty Ale

Guinness Cocktail1 shot of Drambuie Liqueur
1 pint of Guinness Draught

Pour shot of Drambuie in pint glass.

Fill pint glass atop shot with Guinness Draught.

Recipe Courtesy: Anthony Caporale U.S. Brand Ambassador for Drambuie


Kentucky Barrel Bomb

Kentucky Bourbon Barrel StoutInspired by the “Irish Car Bomb,” our title makes the flavor friendlier and focuses on the barrel blowing up in your mouth rather than your vehicle.

As a tribute to the Irish-born founder and President of Alltech, Inc. Dr. Pierce Lyons, we’re using only products from the Lexington Brewing and Distilling Co. in this. 

1/2 Pint Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Stout
3/4 oz. Town Branch Bourbon
3/4 oz. Bluegrass Sundown

Bluegrass Sundown Liqueur Add Bluegrass Sundown to shot glass  then top shot with Town Branch Bourbon making one full 1.5 oz shot.

Fill pint glass about 3/4 full of Bourbon Barrel Stout

Drop the shot into a half pint of  Pint Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Stout.

Consume responsibly.

Recipe created by


Press on, Laddie

BBC Bourbon Barrel StoutAs Irish folks and friends in U.K are  known for saying “press on,” to mean “keep on going,” this combination will keep you partying with a kick of espresso.

3/4 Pint of BBC Bourbon Barrel Stout

1 shot of Nespresso Ristretto

Brew one shot of Nespresso Ristretto (or other deep Espresso roast and pour into pint glass.

Top with chilled BBC Bourbon Barrel Stout

Recipe created by

Nespresso Ristretto




Belgian Redhead

This is a twist on traditional “Black and Tan.” The Guinness and Stella combo has been called a “Belgian Brunette” on some menus. 

Our creation is with the new Guinness Red Harvest Stout, which nicely displays the lighter notes of Guinness as it blends beautifully with Stella Artois 

Guinness Black and Tan1/2 Pint Guinness Red Harvest Stout
1/2 pint Stella Artois

Pour 1/2 pint of Stella Artois and slowly add 1/2 Pint Guinness Red Harvest Stout atop.

The slow will pour allow the two beers to separate on the pour.


Guinness Red Harvest
Stella artois

Black Ruby

Murphys Irish Stout1 pint of Murphy’s Stout
1/2 oz. Fonseca Bin No. 27 Port

Pour a 1/2 oz. of port in a pint glass and fill pint glass with Murphy’s.


Fonseca Bin No 27



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