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Tim Smith Climax MoonshineListen to‘s Tom Fischer ‘s new interview with Tim Smith about Climax Moonshine and Moonshiners Season 3 as it premieres!

Climax Moonshine bottleTim talks about the last few years as he never has before.  He shares the ups and downs of going “legal” along with the obstacles that many craft distillers face.

Tom first interviewed Tim Smith 2 years ago as the show premiered during its first week of its premiere (first interview with Tim linked here)

Since then, we’ve spent time with Tim in New York and followed his story into Kentucky.

The Bluegrass State has become a regular stomping ground for Tim. In fact, Tim distilled his first batch of Climax Moonshine in Limestone Branch Distillery in Lebanon, Kentucky.

Tim tells us he isn’t just a character on TV as he has had this dream of going legal for a long time long before Moonshiners Season 1 premiered.

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The slogan for Climax Moonshine is “Drink of Defiance.”




Moonshiners Season 3

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