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Peach Lightning Climax MoonshineTim Smith tells that his Climax Peach Lighting Moonshine will be available in West Virginia at some point before the end of 2013. Listen as Tim tells us all about Climax Moonshine in the new podcast interview above.

We were first to receive a sample bottle of Tim Smith’s Climax Peach Lighting Moonshine to review here at

Tim Smith Moonshiner Wearing OverallsUnlike most flavored shines on the market with flavoring added after the spirit is distilled from grains, Tim actually distills his Peach Lighting directly from the peaches. There is no fake flavoring here! According to Tim, this is the method by which a real moonshiner makes a flavored moonshine.  Tim settles for nothing less than an authentic product and showcases his craftmanship in every bottle.

There is definite softness combined with zesty notes in the Peach Lighting. The peach flavor is  not overly sweet, and tastes fresh because it truly is fresh. This shine is ideal for both sipping neat and on the rocks. The cocktail possibilities are endless.

While West Virginia will be the first state to see the Peach Lightning, others will be soon to follow.

Tim will also release a Grape Lighting Moonshine distilled from grapes and other flavors of Climax Moonshine may follow.


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