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The “Cocktail Challenge” will be a highlight of Bourbon Classic 2014 this week in Louisville contemporary and classic cocktails and small plates prepared by teams of chefs and master bartenders representing distilleries.

Watch‘s Tom Fischer interview with mixologist Gary Gruver from Bourbon Classic 2013 during the Cocktail Challenge as Gary mixes a Whiskey Sour to pair with cuisine prepared by Proof on Main in Louisville.


Chef Anthony Lamas

MC Jared Schubert, winner of the 2013 Bourbon Classic Cocktail Challenge , will guide attendees through the event. Attendees will meet competing bartenders and master distillers while tasting a portion of each cocktail and small plate.

Cocktail and small plate pairings will be judged by an expert panel including Jennifer Cole, Southern Living, Joy Perrine, Jack’s Lounge, and Chef Albert Schmid.

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Gary Gruver was named one of the “Best Bartenders in the Universe” by GQ Magazine. 

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Video filmed and edited by Tyler Gater. 



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