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Parisian SceneEnthusiasts of limited edition Bourbons know that the standard box of chocolates and bottle of Moët & Chandon from Costco won’t excite her much for a Valentine’s Day gift. In fact, we hear Costco is Moët and Veuve’s largest account.


This e-Boutique specializes in rare Champagnes from small, private estates in France. Henri’s Reserve has hand-picked a collection of boutique Champagnes that would be difficult to find together to purchase in the United States. These are Champagnes that are on wine lists at 5-star restaurants like French Laundry, Per Se, Gary Danko, NOMA.

James Bond drinking ChampagneHenri’s never-fail approach to impressing your sweetheart is taken right out of James Bond’s unofficial playbook covering both the “rare indulgences” and “Champagne.”

Henri’s Reserve also makes this gift mindless for you with their Champagne Clubs, with the opportunity to have new selections arrive regularly to your doorstep.

(Yes, even next July she could still be tasting bubbles and thanking you.) was created by one of’s own followers, Ruth Franz. The upcoming holiday gives us an opportunity to share her story with you.

With Ruth’s family roots in Kentucky, she spent summers in Bourbon County and has long worked in the spirits industry for names like Diageo and Pernod Ricard. With her industry experience, she started a niche business to give Americans access to Champagne’s finest private estates.

Your honey may be a fan of Bourbon too, so throw in a bottle to compliment the package. We imagine you are already showering her with Bourbon gifts and tastings all year.

Bourbon & Bubbly are known to appear in a few cocktails like this one and our julep variation.

We are whiskey enthusiasts at, and we like to discover and review other fine products. We recently sampled a few from Henri’s Reserve including Paul Clouet Grand Cru Rosé and A. Margaine “Special Club” 2006.

The result? Flavors with more depth and elegance than mass-produced Champagnes. It is easy to be exposed to the same Champagne Houses for years, but this would almost be the equivalent of reaching for the “well bottle” of Bourbon.

Champagne Bottles

Henri’s offers ready to go packages like “Soirée in a Box” for the beginner that will serve up to 32 bon vivants.

Bubbles & Bon Bons (here is the link to Vosges set / see photo below)

Single bottles from $50 a bottle and Henri’s Champagne Club start at $575 annually.

You can also call 855.999.8036 to arrange for a quick delivery.
Vosges Chocolate



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