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BBC Bourbon Barrel Ale

Bluegrass Brewing Company Bourbon AleBluegrass Brewing Company (BBC) of Louisville, Kentucky gives the exclusive on their new Bourbon Ale.

Following the continued success of BBC Bourbon Barrel Stout, BBC’s new release is an ale is aged between 4 and 6 weeks in used Bourbon barrels. BBC President Phillip Dearner recently invited me in to taste the new Bourbon Ale.

The flavors hit everywhere you hope that a Bourbon beer will and more. This ale is creamy with the right balance: Light enough to sessionable and yet bold enough to stand up in food pairings while impressing aficionados with serious Bourbon notes. The craftsmanship of the ale is only enhanced in the barrel aging.

BBC Bourbon Ale will be released near the beginning of July in 4 packs throughout Kentucky and then shortly after to Tennessee, Indiana, Virginia and Ohio. You can also taste it now in Louisville at their own BBC Taproom on 636 E Main Street. 

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