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Jagermeister JagerbondsAt, we’ve been following innovation in the spirits industry for about 10 years. We came on the scene as one of the first websites in the business to offer quality video content covering the whiskey and spirits news combined with strong social media. We continue to watch trends in the industry. We’ve seen some liquor companies are throwing smart phone apps out there that did nothing but simply push irrelevant information to consumers.

Jagerbonds App iphoneAn ultra-branded spirits app won’t serve as a good reminder to buy X bottle or pour of liquor if it doesn’t engage or interest a drinker. If you are going to communicate brand loyalty and create a successful app, it must be well-thought.

Jägermeister proves they understand consumers with the launch of the new JägerBonds app. This app creates a short video at the end of your “legendary night out” comprised of photos and videos that you and your friends capture throughout the night.

It works like this:

JagerbondsYou specify on the JägerBonds how long you want it to capture all the content. You have the option of “bonding” with friends on Facebook and Instagram who are out joining you for the fun.

Finally, choose the song that you want in the background of your video (see list of current songs being offered below). At the end of the specified period, a personalized 30 second video is created, complete with edits, effects and music.

The message to other liquor companies from whiskey to liqueur: Consider creating an app that is interactive and gives loyal consumers a valuable “take away” they can will share on social media. The consumer keeps a memory of the night and can share it with friends and the brand benefits from the content featuring their product shared in a personalized fashion.

Below are some highlights of JägerBonds:

− A fun, short video without the timely process of video editing.

− Instant gratification and personalized content to share that spotlights the consumer vs. simply sharing a YouTube video with a model or a celebrity.

Watch the video below to learn more.


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