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Jim Beam Harvest Collection Bourbon Jim Beam Brown Rice Bourbon Harvest was first to tell you about the new Jim Beam Signature Craft Harvest Collection in our interview with Fred Noe a few months back.

The six Bourbons in the Harvest Collection showcase distinctive flavors imparted by the distillation of different grains including Triticale, High Rye, Six Row Barley, Whole Rolled Oat, Soft Red Wheat and Brown Rice.

Soft Red Wheat and Brown Rice will be the first released in limited quantities during September 2014 with the four remaining expressions released in 2015. All are listed below and will carry a retail price of around $49.99 for a 375ml

Each of the Bourbons are aged 11 years of or more an carry a “11 year” age statement .

Until this collection, we’ve seen the trend of experimental grains becoming increasingly popular among craft distillers like Corsair with their Triticale Whiskey, Insane in the Grain and others. Harvest Collection from Beam could be yet another indication of how craft distillers are inspiring major distillers to push the limits and take risks with new expressions.

Regardless of where this particular inspiration came from, Jim Beam continues to prove that a big distillery can lead in innovation and not simply rest on their Bourbon laurels with only a couple of line extensions like other distillers.

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Jim Beam Signature Harvest Collection

High Rye
Six Row Barley
Soft Red Wheat
Brown Rice Bourbon
Whole Rolled Oat

Jim Beam Soft Red Wheat BourbonJim Beam Triticale BourbonJim Beam Signature Craft Harvest Barley Jim Beam Signature Craft Harvest High Rye_11_year_oldJim Beam Harvest Whole rolled Oat 11 year oldJim Beam Brown Rice Bourbon Harvest



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