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One of the most popular and visited tasting rooms we find at Tales of the Cocktail 2014 is the Four Seasons of Cognac Tasting Room, sponsored by our friends at BNIC, (Bureau National Interprofessionnel du Cognac).‘s Tom Fischer interviews Alexandre Gabriel President and Owner, Cognac Ferrand in the tasting room. Gabriel is also one of the elected members of BNIC.

Gabriel praises Tales of the Cocktail for being instrumental in helping put quality Cognacs and spirits back behind the bar. “Cognac 150 years ago was central behind the bar,” Gabriel tells us. “That is very important because I remember 20 years ago, some would say ‘I don’t need a quality Cognac or a quality spirit I am just mixing.’ Now people want quality Cognac.”

From Winter to Summer, Cognac is every cocktail in this room as guests discover more about Cognac through a showcase of unexpected recipes. Tony Abou-Ganim, Allen Katz, H. Joseph Ehrmann and Adam Robinson are the featured mixolgoists creating unique recipes to show diversity of Cognac flavors.

Cognac FranceTales of the Cocktail Founder Ann Tuennerman was recently awarded BNIC Cognac Personality of the Year Award by the BNIC for all she has done for the Cognac industry, especially with regard to Cognac Cocktails.

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Video and photos at Tales of the Cocktail by Clayton Hunt.


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