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Spectre James Bond Movie PosterAs the release of the new James Bond Film Spectre has been announced, celebrate with Champagne – one of 007’s favorite libations. However, not just any Champagne will do because in a world where Bond isn’t trapped in product placement, he wouldn’t choose mass produced Champagne brands.

Like his women, he would vary it up to experience only the finest that money or the power of a spy could buy.

Enter HenrJean Milan 1864 Champagnei’s Reserve is a curated e-boutique of family estate Champagnescreative gifts  and “first time” Champagne experiences.

The Champagnes, it offers, are for the most exquisite of tastes and styles and are nearly impossible to find.

Join with in counting down to the November 2015 release of Spectre by tasting new Champagnes every month in Henri’s Reserve Champagne Clubs – see details below. Club memberships can be overnighted.

BourbonBlog Friends Holiday Offer:

Henri’s Reserve is offering 10% off of everything now through the end of the holidays to our readers go to (excludes Champagne Clubs).

The ultimate gift to celebrate Spectre or for a Champagne lover that you know Champagne Clubs. Each club delivers 2 bottles from small estates that you will rarely find anywhere outside of France.

Henri’s Reserve Champagne Clubs details here 

James Bond Spectre

Learn more about Champagne Clubs on this link


Monthly – $1750 (2 bottles every month)
Bi-Monthly – $875 (2 bottles every other month)
Quarterly $575 (2 bottles three times a year)

About Henri’s Reserve:

The Family Estate Champagnes selected by Henri’s Reserve are the new darlings of wine critics and are featured on the wine lists of the world’s most celebrated restaurants (French Laundry, Per Se, Gary Danko, NOMA, etc.)

Unlike mass produced Champagne that are made in millions of cases a year, the Family Estate Champagne, on their site  reflect the terroir of France’s finest private estates, the artistry of the winemakers and the legacies of the families behind them.

Watch the Spectre movie trailer below.



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