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Bud Light MIXXTAIL Hurricane

Though we don’t drink much Bud Light at, it seems that the brand wants to capitalize on the cocktail culture and perhaps capture some new drinkers. Tell us below under comments linked here what you think of this new release and strategy.
Mixxtail Long Tail Bud lightBud Light tells that they are introducing Bud Light MIXXTAIL, which is a malt beverage, cocktail-inspired product to the grow the Bud Light portfolio. At 8%* ABV, MIXXTAIL will be available in three flavors, with description provided by Bud Light:

Long Island – Smoother take on the classic Long Island Iced Tea with a refreshing citrus Finish

Hurricane easy drinking version of the classic that mixed bold fruit flavors with a smooth finish,

Firewalker – an original that combined hot cinnamon with hot apple for crisp refreshing finishing 

Bud Light says MIXXTAIL will be available in 8-packs of 11.5 oz. recloseable aluminum bottles and single-serve 16 oz. and 25 oz. cans beginning Feb. 16.

The keywords used in the marketing campaign seem to”smooth,” and “refreshing,” so will the descriptions live up to flavor for the intended consumer?

“With Bud Light MIXXTAIL, consumers spoke and we listened. We created a cocktail-inspired beverage to quench consumers’ demand for more variety, mixology and easy, convenient cocktail solutions. MIXXTAIL’S bold cocktail taste makes it the perfect pregame in a bottle,” Alexander Lambrecht, Vice President, Bud Light tells “We believe Bud Light MIXXTAIL will be the perfect companion brand to our popular Bud Light Lime Ritas. Together, these brands will help us continue to lead the FMB category.”

Mixxtail Hurricae

Bud Light’s History of New Product Innovations

Bud Light says the are only building on other new product innovations from the last several years and count the following in their accomplishments…

– In 2012, Bud Light introduced Bud Light Platinum, which quickly became the best-selling new beer of that year according to IRI Symphony data.

– Bud Light Lime Ritas, named a Nielsen Breakthrough Innovation Winner in 2014, make up more than one-third of the FMB (flavored malt beverage) category. Since the launch of Lime-A-Rita in 2012, the Ritas brand has grown to include four core flavors – Lime-A-Rita, Straw-Ber-Rita, Mang-O-Rita and Raz-Ber-Rita – that claim the top four spots in the FMB category.
Mixxtail Firewalker Budlight


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