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The Imbible Show

The ImbibleAnthony Caporale, author and star of the hit Off-Broadway musical comedy, The Imbible: A Spirited History of Drinking, tells that his show will make one day debut at Tales of the Cocktail on Saturday, July 18, 2015 at Le Petite Theatre du Vieux Carre  New Orleans.

The Imbible sweeps audiences along a 10,000-year journey through the history and globe and cocktails. It is a first-of-its-kind production written by Caporale about the evolution of drinking complete with onstage by a barbershop quartet. Three craft cocktails are also included for the audience during the show!

The SoHo Playhouse on Vandam Street in Manhattan is typically the only location you can currently see the musical.

“This is a perfect opportunity for friends in the industry and all those who want to enjoy our musical to have a chance to enjoy the show,” says Caporale. For our interview with Caporale, which was published before the premiere of The Imbible, listen to our podcast here.

The Backwaiters acapella group will perform with Anthony Caporale and a glittering cast of guest cameos at Tales of the Cocktail on  ​Saturday, July 18, 2015 at Le Petite Theatre du Vieux Carre on 616 St Peter St.

This event at Tales of the Cocktails is sponsored by Bacardi. Purchase Tales of the Cocktail tickets and learn more on this link.

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