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Bourbon Syndicate stolen barrel

As continues to follow the “Great Bourbon Syndicate,” a new development gives us further clues how the suspected thieves got away from the distillery with all the barrels of bourbon.

Today, a Franklin County Kentucky grand jury indicted 34-year-old Leslie Wright for a charge of complicity to receiving stolen property over $10,000. Wright has admitted to looking the other way as thieves store thousands of dollars’ worth of whiskey from Buffalo Trace.

Assistant prosecutor Zachary M. Becker says Wright has admitted to being paid for allowing the thieves to steal barrels filled with bourbon from the Buffalo Trace Distillery. She aided Bourbon Syndicate ring leader Gilbert “Toby” Curtsinger in taking a number of barrels from Buffalo Trace by turning a “blind eye.”

Becker explained that Wright is cooperating with authorities.

Bufallo_trace_security_guard_theftAccording to reports from the Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney, Wright described Curtsinger coming to Buffalo Trace in a black pickup truck and leaving with barrels under a tarp in the back of his truck. Cutsinger came back later and paid Wright $500, according to Becker.

This included a number of barrels including were a 17-year-old Eagle Rare commemorative edition bourbon that we fist told you about after reporting from official press conference in  April. (Watch the full press conference on this link).

Wright was indicted with a Class-C felony for complicity to receiving stolen property $10,000 or more in value, when she solicited, commanded or engaged in a conspiracy with Gilbert Curtsinger to commit such or aided, counseled or attempted to aid Curtsinger in planning or committing such offense against Buffalo Trace Distillery.

Franklin County Sheriff Pat Melton has estimated the recovered whiskey alone is worth at least $100,000.

Nine people were indicted earlier this year as part of what we’ve dubbed the “Great Bourbon Syndicate.”

As has followed the story of what began as “PappyGate” in 2013, we expect more details and developments to emerge.

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Because this is an ongoing investigation, if you have any leads to others that could be involved in the thefts, encourages you to report to the following authorities:

Text to Tip hotline Franklin County Sheriff 502-320-3306

Call the Sheriff’s Office – 502-875-8740


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