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Recovered Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon

August 12, 2015 UPDATE: Listen to the latest podcast update, from ‘s Tom Fischer, above and on this link with Franklin County Sheriff Pat Melton as he reveals that increasing numbers of bottles of Pappy and stolen bourbon are coming in as evidence in the Great Bourbon Syndicate case. Additional stolen bourbon has been located and turned in, partly due to the guilty pleas leading to new information.

Sheriff Pat MeltonAround 29 total unopened bottles are now in the possession of authorities. Melton states that these bottles are a variety of expressions in addition to 20-year-old Pappy Van Winkle Family Reserve.

In this interview, Sheriff Melton states that the crimes may indeed date back even further than 2006. Last week reported that new evidence exists and admissions which prove that these crimes date back to 2006.

“The longer this goes on, the better case we have… Everyone is knocking the ball out of the park,” says Melton. Melton credits the hard work of his investigative team along with their partnership with the Office of the Attorney General to make all this possible.

Melton predicts that all suspects named in the original indictment may take plea bargains.

Learn more about the timeline of events in the stolen bourbon case by visiting the links below from our extensive coverage.

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Timeline in Great Bourbon Syndicate Case from 2013 to Present

10-16-2013 – Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon reported stolen, first interview with Sheriff Melton   – is first to ask about a possible reward, which is offered later.

10-18-2013  Spotting the Stolen Pappy – is first to raise the question of recorded strip stamp numbers on the bottles of stolen Pappy to aid detectives and consumers in identifying the stolen bottles from any other bottle of Pappy. This is a question that is yet unanswered to this day.

Stolen_pappy_found10-23-2013 Surveillance Footage released  – public asked for help in locating “person of interest.”

10-24-2013 Interview with Liquor Store Where Pappy Suspect Was Caught on Camera – is first to identify Package & More Liquor Store as the location where the “person of interest” was captured on surveillance.

10-27-2013 Bardstown High Principal Chris Pickett Identified as Man in Pappy Surveillance Video

10-28-2013 BourbonBlog interviews Attorney of Chris Pickett  – First interview of its kind with attorney for Chris Pickett.

11-24-2013 Bardstown High School Principal No Longer Person of Interest, interview with Sheriff Melton 

12-02-2013 $10,000 Reward Offered in Pappy Theft Case

04-03-2014 Five Whiskey Worth Stealing organizes historic tasting of other rare bourbons and whiskeys.

12-14-2014 Sheriff Believes He Knows Identity of the “Pappy Thief.” Interview with Sheriff Melton 

Stolen Pappy evidence03-12-2015 Wild Turkey Bourbon Theft Suspect Arrested, Pappy Van Winkle Connection? Interview with Sheriff Melton

4-10-2015 Major Announcement coming in the Bourbon Theft Case 

4-21-2015 Great Bourbon Syndicate: 9 Kentuckians Steal Bourbon for 7 Years
5-19-2015 Former Buffalo Trace Security Guard Indicted in Great Bourbon Syndicate

5-23-2015 Five Accused Members of Great Bourbon Syndicate Enter Plea

6-5-2015 Security Guard and Others To Testify Against Ringleader in Great Bourbon Syndicate

8-7-2014 New Guilty Plea in Stolen Bourbon Case Reveals Crimes Date Back To 2006

Photos by Will Hartstock.



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