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Saint James  Cuvée 1765 Rum

Saint James Rums tells that they have released their commemorative bottle, aptly named Saint James Cuvée 1765. As one of the oldest rum brands, their plantations first started producing rum in 1765. With this rum produced in original 1765 style, Saint James celebrates their 250th anniversary.

Rum Saint JamesFrom the outset the brand was a pioneer in its category, being the first rum to create vintage specific blends, and designing an innovative square bottle in order to maximize storage and minimize breakage on the long sea-voyages to its original export markets.

Today the iconic Rhum Agricole is still produced in Martinique, which has the only rum AOC (appellation controllée) in the world, and more precisely in Sainte-Marie, on the East coast of the island. In order to be able to be marked with “Rhum Agricole AOC Martinique”, the rum must be produced from sugar cane grown in an authorized area.



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