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You might be one of the many whiskey lovers who has asked the question. Until now, there was no officially recognized Whisk(e)y Sommelier certification. In a world where bourbon and international whisk(e)y rule, the time has arrived to pour a new answer out of an experienced, “aged in oak” approach to teach people how to become the most admired whisk(e)y experts in the world.

As the creator of, I’ve partnered with the Wizard Academy in Austin, Texas to co-found the Whisk(e)y Marketing School.

Watch the video above where I explain more.

The Wizard Academy is an established, innovative school that helps professionals do consciously what gifted people do unconsciously.

Because I had benefited by taking several courses at Wizard Academy in the past, I realized they were the right fit. They think outside the box while also applying the success of other disciplines to create a magic formula. Magic in this case means better whisk(e)y programs, experiences for customers and overall, selling more whisk(e)y.

Don’t let the term “sommelier” or even “expert” ever fool you. We’ll never set an elitist bad example telling you which whisk(e)y you can and cannot drink.

The first class starts on September 23, there are still a few openings so inquire now by visiting In 5 classes across 2 years, we’ll teach you how to become one of most admired whiskey experts in the world.


Who is invited and what will they learn?


Whisk(e)y Marketing SchoolFor industry, we want your bar, restaurant or establishment to become a whisk(e)y destination. While you may already have a loyal clientele and know your whisk(e)y, this class will be focused on taking you to a top shelf you never saw from where you’re standing.

If you’re a bartender or ambassador with no current ties to bar or brand, you’ll become the most sought after in the business.

Own a liquor store? You’re a candidate too because you’d like to sell more whisk(e)y, right?
Enthusiasts, there is a seat at our table for you as well.

We limit each class to 12 students so that the experience is personal and exhaustive.






Bonuses (don’t tell anyone)


Please don’t tell anyone you will have access to some of the top communication experts and most sought after ad writers in the world. That means better branding for your brand.

Also, yours truly will be working with all students to make sure your whisk(e)y goals become reality.

Who are the instructors?


I will be teaching alongside co-founder Daniel Whittington. Not only is Daniel a Scotch expert that will peat you into an understanding of dram like you’ve never had, he also brings a barrel proof perspective from 18 years in the music industry and is the Vice Chancellor of Wizard Academy.

The other instructors are public speaking and communications experts Kate Van Name, Chris Maddox, and Steve Rae.

Also here a simple visit this link for all their bios.


Any questions?

E-mail the Bourbon man who wrote this article and wants to see you become one of the first ever Whisk(e)y Sommeliers.

The Whisk(e)y Marketing School and Wizard Academy are both 501(c)(3) non profits.



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