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Booker's Rye Whiskey

Jim Beam confirms that they plan to release a limited edition Booker’s Rye Whiskey later in 2016. While the label submitted for approval currently states an ABV of 63.55% (127.1 proof) and an age of 7 years and 3 months, a representative has confirmed that the actual age will be closer to 13-years-old.

This Booker’s Rye Whiskey was distilled and put in barrel by the late Booker Noe.

In 2014, Booker’s 25th Anniversary 10 Year Old Bourbon was a similar offering as a 10-year-old limited edition which Booker Noe had distilled and barreled.

Watch a 1993 interview with Booker Noe below.

The label on the new rye reads…

Bookers Rye Whiskey Limited EditionDad always liked the challenge of rye grains. He created a rye whiskey and laid these barrels down in this favorite rackhouse. The first-ever Booker’s Whiskey was born. This is Big Time all the way and remains robust and uncut, just how my Dad liked it.

Fred Noe


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Filmed and created by Steve Weiss


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