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Ben & Jerry’s tells that they will be introducing Urban Bourbon Ice Cream as part of their new pint lineup for 2017 – along with Oat of This Swirled and Truffle Kerfuffle.

While several media outlets had recently reported the potential for an Urban Bourbon Ice Cream release, Ben & Jerry’s had not yet confirmed with details. has been in touch with Ben & Jerry’s to bring you the full scoop for many weeks now.

Ben & Jerry’s tells us that the new 2017 flavors are inspired by some of today’s tastiest food trends. Here are the details.

Urban Bourbon Ice Cream

Urban Bourbon

This flavor includes burnt Caramel Ice Cream with Almonds, Fudge Flakes & Bourbon Caramel Swirls. If you enjoy tipping back smooth brown spirits, you can leave your rocks glass at the bar and grab a spoon!

Oat of This Swirled

Buttery Brown Sugar Ice Cream with Fudge Flakes & Oatmeal Cinnamon Cookie Swirls. One bite of this flavor and you’ll be transported back to your grandma’s kitchen, inhaling wafts of warm oatmeal cookies.

Truffle Kerfuffle

This flavor includes vanilla Ice Cream with Roasted Pecans, Fudge Flakes & a Salted Chocolate Ganache Swirl. A spoonful of this chocolatey-nut-filled flavor is like sinking your teeth into a decadent truffle.

These three brand new flavors will be available in pints at retailers nation-wide beginning mid- February, 2017. Truffle Kerfuffle will also be available in Scoop Shops. (MSRP: $4.99-$5.99per pint).

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