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Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits tells that they have acquired Bib & Tucker Bourbon and Masterson’s Rye. Deutsch Family purchased both brands from 3 Badge Beverage Corporation, owned by the Sebastiani family.

Deutsch calls this a strategic acquisition to complement their purchase of Redemption Whiskey two years ago, diversifying their American Whiskey offerings across more price segments.

More details on the acquisition and each brand are highlighted from a press announcement just released by Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits today.

Bib & Tucker Bourbon

Born in Tennessee and aged for six years, Bib & Tucker Bourbon is for discerning whiskey consumers. This small batch bourbon has received multiple accolades including 90 points from Wine Enthusiast and 96 points from The Tasting Panel.

The name Bib & Tucker reflects a throwback to eighteen hundred’s American lingo when the words “Bib & Tucker” were used to describe one’s finest attire. The design of the bottle is a nod to this era, taking the shape of an enlarged flask with ornate hand-lettering and deeply embossed embellishments. The brand juxtaposes rugged American old-time values with refinement, resulting in a bourbon appropriate for special occasions, whether that is a casual night with good friends or a formal dinner party. It retails for $55. Production has been small and limited by supply but under Deutsch’s leadership it will gradually ramp up over the next few years.

Masterson’s Rye Whiskey

Masterson’s Rye Whiskey is the first Canadian product to join the Deutsch portfolio. In the U.S. the path was paved by a very successful ultra-premium Canadian Rye brand, Whistle Pig. A truly exceptional whiskey, Masterson’s is distilled in a pot still and aged for just over 10 years. Masterson’s Rye consistently receives high accolades, including 94 points from Whisky Advocate and 94 points and a “Top 100 Spirit” from Wine Enthusiast.

Named for gambler, buffalo hunter and army scout William “Bat” Masterson, a legendary frontiersman who made a name for himself in the U.S., Masterson’s Rye comes in an elegantly shaped bottle designed to showcase the spirit’s alluring amber color. Every bottle of Masterson’s has the batch and bottle number on the bottle. It retails for $70. Production is small, but sufficient aged stock exists to quickly expand the brand to national distribution.

“We’re thrilled to bring Bib & Tucker and Masterson’s into our growing portfolio of super premium whiskey brands,” says Peter Deutsch, CEO, Deutsch Family says. “Higher price segments are the most dynamic across the whiskey category and we are bullish on the opportunity for us to grow these two great brands. We are taking advantage of the opportunity to create a diverse range of whiskey brands with different mash bills, places of origin and price points. There will be other additions in the future.”

“As we continue to grow our whiskey portfolio, we will only take on respected brands of exceptional quality that will be embraced by whiskey enthusiasts,” said Tom Steffanci, President, Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits. “Both Bib & Tucker and Masterson’s are outstanding whiskies that over deliver on quality. With the help of the best distribution network in the country, we look forward to introducing them to many more customers and consumers.”

“This provides us with an opportunity to continue building on our core initiatives,” said August Sebastiani, President, 3 Badge Beverage Corporation. “Additionally, Deutsch Family has proven to be excellent brand stewards and is uniquely positioned to take this portfolio to the next level.”

Zepponi & Company served as the exclusive financial advisor to 3 Badge Beverage Corporation in the sale of the Masterson and Bib & Tucker brands.


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