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We’re proud to announce our new logo and brand identity as part of our collaboration with the designers at ATTCK!

Our teams have been working together for the last year to help create a new and improved experience for those of you who love BourbonBlog. We’ll have more great new and additions soon to enhance BourbonBlog so be watching.


From our beginnings, we’ve been a leader in whiskey news and education as we’ve engaged with you, the readers, distilleries, and all of the personalities of the whiskey community to bring everyone together in one place. Now, that place is getting even better.

Thank you all for your continued support and contribution to bring this beautiful new logo to life!

BourbonBlog logo

Many of you may remember a poll we ran last year (thank you all for contributing your votes!). It was ultimately quite clear that we had a winner, by a wide margin. Since then we have refined and enhanced the final product, incorporating elements that express our identity as one of the oldest whiskey news media outlets on the internet, with deeply meaningful and personal symbolism that we hope you will love.


Some thoughts on how we came to choose our new logo design

Being one of the oldest whiskey blogs on the internet is an important part of our brand identity. We thought long and hard about the origin stories and meaning behind well-known whiskeys, all the while sampling them, for research of course…

The recurring theme that arose during our discussions was that of the deer. To us, the deer is a regal creature, to be respected for its beauty, power, and authority. It parallels the heritage of such a brand as BourbonBlog that has relentlessly helped shape the world of whiskey news, reporting, and blogging to continue to be your trusted resource for over a decade.

The logo’s symbol was derived from combining a non-brand specific bottle shape with subtly placed antlers which form the silhouette. The other elements of the logo include angled lines that represent the wooden slats that are visible on whiskey barrel tops. They are angled upwards to convey progress and enlightenment. The stamp, or ring, is a common element on whiskey barrels as well. Often displaying the distiller’s logo, and barrel or batch number.

Final thoughts

Check out the Case Study on and read about the process and thought that went into bringing this together. (Case Study link)

Again, thank you all for your continued support and contribution to bring this beautiful new logo to life!


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