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Could the new $1,500 Baccarat Edition mark the most expensive Woodford Reserve Bourbon ever? For now, this edition is available only in Duty-Free Stores.

Woodford tells they are releasing their new cognac finished Woodford in a Baccarat glass bottle. At 90.4 proof, the XO Cognac finished Bourbon starts with the Woodford at its full age of 5-7 years and then is finished in Cognac barrels for 3 years.

Woodford Reserve Master Distiller Chris Morris explains in an interview with

“We entered the cognac casks at 95 proof.  All the casks held 3 vintages of XO Cognac – they are drawn from numerous producers.  Therefore, the casks were made in various French cooperages with different toast levels, etc pertaining to the different cognac producer’s specs.

We batched together 12 casks to take advantage of their differences and create a complex and sustainable flavor profile”

No specific value on the glass bottle alone is currently available or shared by Woodford. Woodford tells the bottle takes 5 days to create. is meant to evoke the iconic Woodford Reserve bottle silhouette and is engraved with both Woodford Reserve’s and Baccarat’s iconic logo,

It is presented in a signature Baccarat red box and includes a crystal stopper adorned with Woodford Reserve’s initials.

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