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Kentucky Peerless Support Restaurants Bartenders During Coronavirus

Kentucky Peerless Distilling Co. tells they be offering curbside pickup for distillery select single barrel whiskeys with a portion of each purchase going to the USBG Emergency Assistance Fund.

Listen to our podcast interview with the Kentucky Peerless team about this in the podcast link above.

Kentucky Peerless also has a donation button directly available without any purchase to support the United States Bartenders Guild Fund.

Please join Peerless by going to this link to donate now.


Single barrels are picked by all distilleries to showcases the depth and variation from barrel to barrel. Kentucky Peerless goes beyond what we see from most Kentuck single barrels with some of the most complex and unique single barrels in the whiskey business.

Each barrel is named for a flavor profile. For example, the recent “Smoked Honeycomb” Peerless Single Barrel Bourbon has tops notes of honey with a serious smoked finish.

With new releases every month only at the Peerless Distillery in Louisville, I often stop by and taste them attempting to guess the name and flavor profile of a new single barrel.

Watch my interview below where we taste a Kentucky Peerless Bourbon Single Barrel with Peerless Master Distiller Caleb Kilburn.

Kentucky Peerless has been closed since Monday, March 16 to prevent the further spread of COVID-19. Their curbside/pickup service allows us to still provide the product to guests and donations to USBG’s Emergency Assistance Fund safely.

They are taking extra sanitary protocols to prevent the further spread of this virus.

Kentucky Peerless says they are ready to give back to an industry that has supported our company so much.

Continue to follow for more stories that show how whiskey and the world of spirits are helping during COVID-19.


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