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Dave Phinney Distillery

Famed winemaker Dave Phinney’s Savage and Cooke distillery on Mare Island, California tells they are completely shutting down whiskey production in this time of need to focus fully on the production of hand sanitizer. Just outside of Napa Valley and not far from San Fransisco, recentely visited the distillery in early 2020 before the COVID-19 crisis.

With so many people and segments of the industry in need, Savage and Cooke is in a unique position to help. Mare Island, being the first naval base on the Pacific Coast, has a history of protecting the country for generations and now it is they say it is their turn to continue that legacy.

Watch Master Distiller Jordan Via explain the process of making the hand sanitizer in the video below.

They will be producing 7.68 million ounces (60 Thousand Gallons) of WHO approved hand sanitizer. Phinney will also be hiring local bartenders that have been furloughed to help complete hand sanitizer orders and delivery, as well as completely covering the cost of production for the sanitizer upwards of $300K.

“I am very proud of my staff at Savage & Cooke who sprung into action immediately and converted our operations from distilling Whiskey to producing as much WHO-approved hand sanitizer as possible. We have completely suspended all distillery activities and are 100% committed to helping our community avoid infection. We are doing this at scale – tens of thousands of gallons to have the most impact,” Phinney tells


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