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Somrus Coffee Flavor Cream Liqueur

The Rum based Sōmrus Cream Liqueurs are adding a new Coffee flavor to their collection that will be unveiled live on tonight on Monday, July 13 at 8 pm ET – watch live on the video link below or on this link.

Sōmrus tells us they are releasing the new Coffee Cream Liqueur that was inspired by the popular Kaapi coffee from South India, blending of coffee & chicory in this liqueur.

As we are the first media outlet to bring you the news, Monica Badlani, Partner and COO of Sōmrus, will speak with spirits expert Tom Fischer tonight at 8 pm ET on this link. If you are watching this after, the video will remain viewable below permanently.

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About Sōmrus Cream Liqueurs

Monica Badlani Partner ad COO Somrus Cream LiqueursThe company has already experienced great success on both their original releases including Chai Cream Liqueur and Mango Cream Liqueurs as the “world’s most awarded cream liqueurs.” Their line of India-inspired cream liqueurs are made in the USA.

A real dairy cream from Wisconsin is used with the 5x distilled Caribbean rum to create the products.

They use all-natural ingredients for a gluten-free product that has a 2-year shelf-life. Unlike some cream liqueurs, no refrigeration is required for Sōmrus.

The team first was introduced to Sōmrus years ago at Tales of the Cocktail. Since then, we’ve found the cream liqueurs to be delicious in cocktails and also mixed with Bourbon, coffee, tea, and other ingredients.

The Sōmrus team created the cocktail below to celebrate Kentucky Derby

Vanilla Chai Mint Julep

2 parts Somrus Chai

1 Part Bourbon, 100 proof or stronger recommend

1/2 Part Simple Syrup

Crushed ice


Express the mint & rub inside the glass.

Combine and stir all liquid ingredients and pour over crushed ice.

Garnish with more mint, and top with more crushed ice.

Cream Mint Julep

Sōmrus Responds to Covid-19 with Small Brand, Big Heart

In response to COVID-19, Sōmrus launched “Small Brand. Big Heart.  with an initial donation, aiming to raise $125,000+ for Children of Restaurant Employees (CORE), a nonprofit that assists the families of service industry members navigating life-altering circumstances. To donate, visit this link. 

In its first 5 days, the campaign raised $5,300. All donations are tax-deductible and go directly to the Children of Restaurant Employees (CORE). Sōmrus’ 10% matching program will kick in once the fund reaches $25,000 and remain in force until it reaches $125,000.

Mr. Pankaj K. (“PK”) Garg, CEO and founder of Sōmrus, says: “As a young company, we are truly grateful to the bar and restaurant industry professionals who have supported and guided us on our journey and we are determined to help this hard-working and special community get through this difficult time. We invite other small businesses with big hearts to join us in this effort to help the restaurant community.”

Executive Director of CORE, Sheila G. Bennett, adds: “We at CORE continue to stand by the food & beverage service employee with children every day when they face a health crisis or natural disaster.

Additionally, and in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, CORE is working to ensure that food & beverage service employees who have children are supported if they or a member of their family are diagnosed with COVID-19. We are grateful for our partners, like Sōmrus Liqueurs, who provide financial support. Please join us in letting the food and beverage service industry know how much we appreciate all they have given to us by supporting them.”

Somrus Coffee Liqueur

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