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Hard Truth Distilling Co. of Nashville, Indiana tells they have released their first-ever bourbon whiskey product: Hard Truth Sipes’ Straight Bourbon Whiskey.

The curated, four-year-old bourbon is finished in hand-selected rum casks and aged in the Hard Truth Distilling Co. rackhouse at Hard Truth Hills in Nashville, Indiana.

The 750 ml bottle is bottled at 90 proof with a 45% ABV. The high-quality bourbon is now available for a very limited time at all seven Big Woods restaurant locations and Hard Truth Hills for $57.99 for one bottle of $99.00 for two. The product will begin to roll out at local retailers in the coming weeks.

The team at tasted this Bourbon whiskey earlier this summer and we were immediately impressed.

The product name is a tribute to Brown County’s rich history and the area’s first known distiller, Henry A. Sipes.

“The demand for whiskey has grown significantly in the past decade, and we’re proud to help answer the craft spirit lovers’ call with Sipes’ Straight Bourbon Whiskey,” Jeff McCabe, Co-founder and Executive Chairman of the Big Woods Restaurant Group, Quaff ON! Brewing Co., Hard Truth Distilling Co., and Hard Truth Hills tells

“Since we started Hard Truth Distilling Co., we’ve continued to stay true to our Southern Indiana roots, and our first-ever whiskey product is a nod to the pioneer of distilling in Brown County. The release of Sipes’ marks the beginning of Hard Truth’s rollout of an array of whiskey and bourbon products while celebrating the history of Hard Truth Distilling Co.’s birthplace.”

“After years of hard work, we’re finally ready to launch our leading straight bourbon whiskey,” Bryan Smith, Head Distiller and General Manager at Hard Truth Distilling Co tells us. “Sipes’ is a beverage to truly be savored, and we look forward to expanding our customer base as we dive into the world of dark spirits.”

More Whiskeys Coming from Hard Truth

Later this year, Hard Truth Distilling Co. plans to launch three additional whiskeys, including their Hard Truth Distilling Co. Straight Rye Whiskey. The new whiskey is unique as is it the only Indiana-made whiskey to use the sweet mash fermentation technique. The first limited release is scheduled for this November and will be available exclusively at Big Woods restaurant and Hard Truth Hills.


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