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Bourbon Heritage Month Whiskey Tasting

Every month is yet another cheerful “Bourbon Month” to us at, but now we’re giving you the chance to join us for some wicked whiskey and spirit tastings live on Zoom, this month during “National Bourbon Heritage Month” and throughout the fall.  Click here to learn about our upcoming “At-Home Whiskey Tastings” that Bourbon and whiskey expert Tom Fischer is hosting. Though not required for the event, you’ll have the chance to order a curated whiskey tasting kit to taste along from ShotsBox. 

Most whiskey festivals and events are canceled for the year, and this is a chance for us all to come together.

You’ll learn more about the enjoyment of whiskey at these tastings, as well as how to make your own events come alive too. You may even get to chat personally with some of your favorite distillers and whiskey personalities. We’ll be inviting a few surprise guests for an appearance at certain events. 

The first tasting will be on Friday, September 11 at 7 pm ET, and we’ll be sampling spirits ranging from Balcones Single Malt Whiskey to Clyde May’s Rye Whiskey—all of which can be sent to your door via ShotsBox. Of course, we welcome you to crack a bottle open from your own collection and we can discuss that as well. 

I typically host events on my Why Whiskey educational tour across the globe, at events like Food Network’s South Beach Wine and Food Festival, among others. I’ll bring some of the same insider’s tips to these new virtual events, on finding the best whiskeys, pairings, and tastings.

We’re keeping all of these events intimate and at a limited capacity, so check out what’s coming up on this link.

At-Home Whiskey Tasting Schedule, Hosted by Tom Fischer

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Bourbon Whiskey Tastings

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