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Kentucky Peerless Distilling Co. tells they have just released their new Double Oak I Rye Whiskey Single Barrel Selection along with several other new Rye and Bourbon Single Barrels.

This Double Oak Rye was barreled twice in new oak barrels. Sweet pipe tobacco and citrus lead off an excellent nose. Peerless describes aromas of caramel and cedar soon join. The first taste is a rich, oak-infused caramel. Waves of cinnamon and savory smoke soon join.

An additional sip reveals citrus and roasted nuts, though the sweet oak remains the star of the show. The finale is oak syrup, honey, and ginger-lemon tea. Available in 200ml only at 109.4 PROOF 54.7 % ABV.

A few of the others including the Single Barrel Bourbons: Hot Toddy and Dulce de Leche. Rye Selections of Wolf of Rye Street and Prickly Pear Manhattan. So why these names? Once the barrel is deemed unique to become a Single Barrel, the team at Peerless has a fun way of naming it. They evaluate the predominant notes to see what it tastes closest to.

They are all described below and available at the Louisville distillery for in-person pickup or on,for curbside pickup.

The Kentucky Peerless Distilling Company offers behind-the-scenes tours Monday – Saturday for an up-close look at how they craft the finest spirits from grain to bottle – all under one roof. Learn more here.

Peerless Rye and Bourbon Whiskey

Kentucky Peerless Bourbon Whiskey Single Barrel “Hot Toddy.”  TASTING NOTES The nose opens up with crisp white fruits and lavender. The aroma is delicate, shyly fruity, and features bits of herbs. The palate leads with a burst of cinnamon before a more herbal-honey takes over. Citrus and raw sugar creep in, creating tea quality. The finish continually shifts sweeter, as the brown sugar outlasts the other notes. An encore burst of floral sweetness serves as the perfect finale to this barrel. 112.7 PROOF 56.35 % ABV

Kentucky Peerless Bourbon Whiskey Single Barrel “Dulce De Leche.” TASTING NOTES Aromatic sweet cream and brown sugar lead off the nose. Orange zest elements soon join. The palate leads with raw sugar, sweetened orange juice, and a hint of chocolate taffy. Additional sips add sharp cedar and hints of malt, but the smoke, sugar cane, and citrus remain the centerpieces of the barrel. The finish becomes brighter, as honeysuckle nectar cuts the smoked sugar in a complex finale. 104.7 PROOF 52.35 % ABV

Kentucky Peerless Rye Whiskey Single Barrel “Wold of Rye Street.” TASTING NOTES Orange zest and sweet grasses lead off a delicate nose. Fresh-cut oak and mild pipe tobacco soon come to life. The first taste is malted sugar, fresh-cut oak, and sweet chai. The flavors lead sweet but quickly become much darker as tobacco, grilled lemon, and cinnamon compete for dominance. The swirling light and dark elements continue to wash over the palate. The finale to it all is a caramel, chai, zest, tobacco, and toasted oak burst that slowly simmers away, leaving behind only a savory smoke to encourage another sip. 112.8 PROOF 56.40 % ABV

Kentucky Peerless Rye Whiskey Single Barrel “Prickly Pear.”  TASTING NOTES Crisp white fruit, herbs, and honey lead to an excellent nose. Aromas of leather and fruit bitters make the mind reminisce of a speakeasy. Sharp cinnamon, toasted oak, brown sugar, and honeysuckle lead off the first sip. A subtle tobacco and milk chocolate soon accent the flavors. A smoky, fruity cocktail base becomes more and more prominent with each additional sip. The momentum of the savory, sweet oak slowly grinds to a halt as crisp white fruit bursts continually brighten the palate in an amazing finish. 113.5 PROOF 56.75 % ABV


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